Dr. Ir. H. Feil – Managing Director

Polymer Chemist/Physical Chemist (PhD). Former Director of Division Agro Industrial Production Chains ATO BV. Over 10 years of Business Development experience in Agro Industry.
Tel:       +31 317 414478

Dr. H. Tournois – Director Business Development

Chemist (PhD) and Biologist (MSc) by training. Former commercial director of ATO BV (A&F). Over 15 years experience in International Business Development.
Tel:       +31 317 427880

Ir. E. Westerweele – Senior Project Manager

Materials Scientist/Engineer (MSc) by training. Formerly at TNO and KEMA, and program manager for 3 years at ATO BV; further, 4 years marketing & sales and general management experience at Yacht Group Nederland.
Tel:       +31 6 17368226

Ir. M. Domselaar – Researcher

Bioprocess Engineer (MSc) by training. Experience on membrane emulsification and membrane filtration. Expertise in surfactants, coatings, and physical chemistry.
Tel:       +31 317 466261

Drs. S.H.D. Hulleman – Senior Project Manager

Former head of department Polymers, Composites and Additives of ATO BV. Currently involved in product development for Agro Industry
Tel:       +31 317 423539

M. Fraaij – Business administration

Business administration
Tel:       +31 317 466260


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